Check it out! Visit this page to keep up with the 2020 schedule for CEF “Good News” Gospel Singings.

We want to be wise in our fundraising efforts while presenting events that will bless your heart! Good music and singing has always reached deep places within our collective soul. Right? Please visit this page every few weeks to see if new locations and dates have been added. Our goal is to have these events all throughout the calendar year… maybe even one per month. Here are a few points to take note of:

  • The locations will be varied and the style will be too – to some degree. We hope to have these events in different cities, churches, and counties around West Tennessee. This way we can expose new congregations and geographic locations to our mission – to reach the children of West Tennessee with the Good News! 
  • These events will never have a ticket price, everyone is welcome to freely attend and enjoy a great worship experience. We will receive a love offering at each event to help support the ministry of CEF of Greater Jackson. Your donations empower our ministry and will help us expand our footprint in West Tennessee. The only possible exception to this rule would be if we present a major artist or group that requires a contract and / or substantial fee for appearing. If this should happen, we would promote the event details clearly.
  • The type and style of singing and music will be varied. This way, we can offer worship experiences that suit different tastes and expectations. Many events will offer Southern Gospel talent. Others may feature contemporary or choral music. Some events may offer up a group of talented soloists. 
  • Each event will have a brief CEF® ministry update as part of the program. We promise that this part will not be long and will be interesting.


  • March 14th @ 6:00pm – the location will be Maplewood Baptist Church in Paris, TN. The featured talent will be the Barnett’s, Living Truth, and Cathie Harris. Click here to go to a single article about this event.
  • April 18th @ 7:00pm – the location will be Oakfield Baptist Church near North Jackson (Oakfield community). The featured talent will be Master’s Call and Endless Highway.
  • More on the way…